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New Android apps for SETI@home v8
There was a problem with the first set of android apps due to a problem with how the FFTW library measures time. Any work you got for an android SETI@home v8 before today can be aborted.

I've fixed the bugs and released version 8.01 which should run much better.
6 Jan 2016, 2:21:36 UTC · Comment

SETI@home v8 beta to begin on Tuesday
Finally we have a working GBT splitter. SETI@home v8 will process Arecibo and GBT data.

The code changes are pretty small, but the results are not compatible with SETI@home v7, so only process v8 data will v8 clients.

First release will be linux x86_64 only to begin with. We're hoping to have windows and macos graphical releases in another week or so.
27 Nov 2015, 19:43:27 UTC · Comment

Astropulse 7,00 released for Linux 32&64, Win 32&64, Win32+AMD/NVIDIA/Intel GPU
Please point out problems on this thread with work distribution or compatibility. 3 Jul 2014, 18:25:09 UTC · Comment

SETI@home 7.28 for ARM-Android released...
There are two versions. A version that supports NEON, and a "safe" version the just uses VFP instructions. Devices that support NEON could get either, although there should be a 3:1 preference for the neon version.

Please run whichever version you get, as cancelling results will skew the completion statistics.
23 Mar 2014, 21:16:34 UTC · Comment

SETI@home 7.25 for ARM Android released
This will likely run slower that earlier versions due to addition debugging code (that would be removed in an eventual release). Please continue to run it even though it is slow. 6 Feb 2014, 22:34:22 UTC · Comment

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