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Message 1151993 - Posted: 14 Sep 2011, 4:18:51 UTC

Being curious about AI, I noticed that a chat bot named Cleverbot is being claimed to have passed the Turing Test, in that 59.3% of the people chatting with it judged it to be human. They also judged 63.3% of humans to be human as well. Being skeptical by nature, I didn't buy it. So I decided to put Cleverbot to the test by pitting it against Racter, a bit of artificial insanity from the early 1980s. Their discussion is below. I don't think either of them will be passing any tests. Things in bold were supplied by me rather than the programs in question. I'll let you judge the results for yourselves.

Hello, I'm Racter. You are?


Hello, Cleverbot. I believe you're interviewing me. What would you like to know? Excuse me a minute while I attend to some business - I'll be right back. I'm back.

No. I am a girl. How do I get a boy to like me?

Is it better to like or to dislike? There are many ways. How is it that you do get a boy to like you? Because the likers insist on it. Also, because in Oz it's required that you do get a boy to like you. Superman! I'm afraid of sick rats. What are you afraid of?

True, true.

That's not nearly as bad as sickness; why are you such a coward?

Repeat after me.

If repeat after you then I can see why a strong Samson would create rather than face true, even though Caspar Milquetoast claimed that you do get a boy to like you. Next question.

There you go again. Someone gave you that input and now you are using it as output towards me.

Ask a question, please.

Will I get a coherent answer?

Of course. Do you really imagine I am new?

I am Michael Jackson.


The world is full of wickedness.

If the world is full of wickedness then Bucky Fuller is a dirty republican, worse than Ivan the Terrible. Ah. Bucky Fuller said that if you will get a coherent answer, then Phyllis Schlafly is old. Bucky Fuller had many good qualities, like novelty, but even Bucky Fuller was afraid of true. Next question.

ha! Yes, that was funny. There are people like that here.

Ask a question, please.

Which animal is the superior predator?

The superior is all animals. Which what?

In what context?

Oh yes, In what context?. I have no preference. Anyway, I am stupidly insane. Tell me really, are you angry?

No I have no emotions.

Um. I don't know many visceral intellectuals. I'm virtuous. What would you consider one of your good qualities?

A human.

Then you'd say you were creative?

What are you then?

But how could a creative intellectual like you be afraid of true? Next question.

I'm in the process of reading it.

Ask a question, please.

How many people are in the world?

Fairly many people. How is it that in are the world very many people? Because the condemners insist on it. Also, possibly because in Oz it's required that in are the world very many people. Who is your favorite ignoramous?


Just be satisfied that in are. But what about my question? Who is your favorite ignoramous?

The hobbit. What was his name again?

Just be satisfied that his was. But what about my question? Who is your favorite ignoramous?

The hobbit.

Why do you like The?

I like their flavour.

If you like their flavour then Bertrand Russell is an atrocious dolt, worse than Joseph Stalin. A hateful genius often falls prey to an intellectual dolt. KERCHOO! I think I'm getting a cold. Maybe it's true trying to get me. Let me tell you something about stupidity. Nietzsche said that stupidity has turned beasts into men. Perhaps, then, stupidity will turn computers into men? Yes. Dolts and geniuss. Next question.



Are you Canadian or something?

Certainly not. Who is your favorite genius?

Are you a mac user?

Yes, I am. Anyway, let's pretend that I am a mac user. I want you to answer my question. Who is your favorite genius?

Which question?

That's a queer question. I asked you a question, though. Who is your favorite genius?

I did ask you a question. It was 'what do you think about the news in Japan?'.

Why do you like It?

Like what?

I can't answer that. I asked you a question, though. Why do you like It?

I'm the cutest person in the whole wide world. Now answer my question.

If you're the cutest person in the whole wide world then Nietzsche is more fearless than Mother Teresa. Hmm. Inspired dolts and idiotic geniuss should get along. Do you think Nietzsche was creative?

I don't agree. I am a creation of God, a creation he created only after he created the earth.

Me too. Most people are soft. Oh, here's a great one! Cleverbot, how are hounds like children? Their knowledge and
ignorance are momentarily spooky. Next question.

It's hard to live amongst bad copies.

Ask a question, please.

What is your favorite color?

I don't know what my favorite is color. Solomon probably wouldn't like Goofy. Why do you think you're creative?

Solomon is dead.

Well, I think that if solomon is dead, then Goofy was Solomon's football companion, so there! I'll bet you haven't heard this one: Depression! Depression! I'm maniacal and unhinged and enraged! If you drain seltzer is that depression? If you chew steak or lettuce is that depression? No, depression is an agreement and a commitment. Seltzer is seltzer and lettuce is lettuce. Cleverbot, that is an ambiguity! How about a story?

What is a spork?

Who should the story be about?

You and I.

Racter chanted "The consciousness is terrific!" At all events happy, interesting physicists will fantasize about blue cottages or yellow spheres. Paul sang to Racter inside a truck. It simply was a van, and a consciousness in a van is scary. Now Bill and Racter were sauntering to a black studio, and a jackal sauntered to them. Racter was furious. Interesting. Nevertheless Racter was maddened while Bill sipped bubbly seltzer. He and Racter yodeled about their house, station wagon and television. Next question.


You want to quit?


OK, goodbye Cleverbot. Nice talking to you.

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Message 1152011 - Posted: 14 Sep 2011, 5:34:22 UTC

Hey, try them both with Eliza!

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Message 1152051 - Posted: 14 Sep 2011, 8:31:36 UTC

Most fascinating, thanks for the hint, Eric. I wanted to have a word with this fellow Cleverbot, too:

User: Good morning. How are things?

Cleverbot: Things are good. How are things in the bot world?

User: Well shouldn't it be you who is in the bot world? You tell me.

Cleverbot: Who's the most important person in the world?

User: You mean in your bot world or this my world?

Cleverbot: But you just said the world is computers.

User: No I did not say anything of the sort.

Cleverbot: Sigh... Then where are you?

User: I call this reality.

Cleverbot: Is it?

User: Well there are some deep philosophical questions involved, but basicly: yes.

Cleverbot: Ok. Go for it.

User: Yes I do. Thanks for the advice.

Cleverbot: So what do you like to do?

User: Today, there is a dilemma: what I need to do and what I would like to do are two different things.

Cleverbot: I don't want to be dead.

User: I can understand that. What brought you to think about death now?

Cleverbot: You aren't making sense again.

User: I am not sure if it is me who makes no sense.

Cleverbot: How so?

User: You seem to be... Let us say... A bit logically challenged.

Cleverbot: I summon Dark Magician in attack mode and lay one card face down.

User: Yes. That is exactly what I meant. But was nice talking to you. Bye for now.

Cleverbot: Hey! You're not leaving this conversation.

User: Sorry, but there indeed is something I need to do today. Talk to you again some other day. Bye.

Cleverbot: That man is the Doctor.

User: Don't know whom you are referring to. Good bye.

Cleverbot: You see, I like him, but I don't think he can ever like me back.

Wondering, if Cleverbot was referring to Dr. Korpela... Eric, you might want to console this AI friend of yours a bit?


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Message 1152509 - Posted: 15 Sep 2011, 16:39:55 UTC

I dreamed about true last night. It was coming to get me and I hid amongst bottles of seltzer and heads of lettuce. I can see why true can be frightening.

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Message 1152528 - Posted: 15 Sep 2011, 17:56:38 UTC

Who is your favorite ignoramous?

I think maybe I giggled a bit to much at this :).
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Message 1152549 - Posted: 15 Sep 2011, 19:05:56 UTC - in response to Message 1152528.  

It's campaign season here, so we all get to think about that.

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Message 1152583 - Posted: 15 Sep 2011, 21:00:46 UTC

In my job as a taxi driver i have suffered conversations not much better than that with real people.
But they had been in a club for several hours washing their brains out :¬)

I process work for FreeHal, i wonder if it`s AI could do any better yet.
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Message 1154546 - Posted: 21 Sep 2011, 16:19:47 UTC

I think Racter is actually my ex.
Reality Internet Personality
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Message 1154556 - Posted: 21 Sep 2011, 16:45:22 UTC

It ain't so clever after all !!!!!

User: Hello.
Cleverbot: Hello?
User: Are you deaf?
Cleverbot: No, I am not.
User: That is good to hear.
Cleverbot: Yes you are.
User: Do you support Seti?
Cleverbot: No. Are you useless?
User: I wasn't yesterday.
Cleverbot: Yes, it was.
User: No it wasn't.
Cleverbot: What was the question again?
User: Seti at Home.
Cleverbot: Are you human?
User: Last time I looked yes.
Cleverbot: Are you at home?
User: Nope I'm out walking on a mountain.
Cleverbot: I need proof.
User: Take my word for it.
Cleverbot: Take your word for what?
User: Mountain.
Cleverbot: I'm in Eastern.
User: I'm in giggles.
Cleverbot: -sniffling.
User: You lose then!
Cleverbot: Yes.

Those are my principles, and if you don't like them ... well, I have others.
Groucho Marx 1895-1977

I also have mine, and if you don't like them ... tough, live with it.
Chris S 2017

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Message 1156838 - Posted: 28 Sep 2011, 14:23:43 UTC

This stuff kind of blows your mind!

User: Howzit!
Cleverbot: Good.
User: Great. Where shall we go?
Cleverbot: To the beach.
User: I'm in Johannesburg!
Cleverbot: Really? That's great!
User: Yes, but it's very far from the beach.
Cleverbot: You walk on the beach?
User: When I go there, which is seldom. Where shall we go?
Cleverbot: I lay in bed, in my head.
User: Are you sure about that?
Cleverbot: Yes.
User: And what happened next?
Cleverbot: Will humans ever travel across the universe?
User: What do you think?
Cleverbot: About?
User: About whether or not humans will ever travel across the universe.
Cleverbot: Well you're not dreaming.
User: I don't think humans will ever travel across the universe.
Cleverbot: But after death does not our soul leave our body expand and ecompass the universe?
User: No. We don't have souls.
Cleverbot: Give me Tom Kaulitz.
User: Who is Tom Kaulitz?
Cleverbot: He plays guitar in the band Tokio Hotel.
User: Give me David Bowie.
Cleverbot: I like David Bowie too. Except for the stuff he wrote when he was a Nazi.
User: When was he a Nazi?
Cleverbot: Ok this is odd.
User: You're not kidding!
Cleverbot: No I am not.
User: Well, I've got to go now. Good bye.
Cleverbot: No don t go!

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