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Message 1764164 - Posted: 11 Feb 2016, 22:26:01 UTC

This project is an off-shoot of an unplanned delay in the delivery of computers assembled as part of the Linux@Pag-asa project for the benefit of the Municipality of Kalayaan, Palawan, West Philippine Sea. Rather than let all machines stay idle in long-term storage, select machines were volunteered as distributed-computing clients based on BOINC.

By devoting these Linux@Pag-asa computers to BOINC projects — pending their delivery — resources pledged to the municipality were put to work for the benefit of all mankind -- in the name of the residents of this small outpost of Philippine society in

As of writing, two of the 15 Lubuntu Linux machines have been re-tasked for BOINC work. We're still new to BOINC, so we are looking to optimize the existing machines before committing more resources.

We have also added an Android-based ZTE phone to the mix to demonstrate the viability of this method to prospective members who don't have computers to spare, but have Android phones or devices that they could commit to the cause.

More about us here:

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