The Goldilocks Zone, how large?

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Message 1906285 - Posted: 10 Dec 2017, 23:04:38 UTC

I have a question about the Goldilocks zone that we inhabit here in space. For example, we are 93,000,000 miles from Sol, so are we in the middle of the zone, at the closest edge or at the farthest edge of the zone? Just how large is this zone? Thanks for any replies.
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Message 1906310 - Posted: 11 Dec 2017, 0:25:10 UTC
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Good point, Mr. Chapell.

If it still became this zone, it should also be about our place in the solar system and what it is perhaps meant to be, as well as also why we could make the Earth the most heavy and solid object,
while both Mercury and Venus is not far behind, except for the asteroids filling the gap in the middle, and finally four planets and moons making for the final salute at the outer end.

I am still getting at it here, except for keying in slightly different for that of a quite good subject.
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Message 1906347 - Posted: 11 Dec 2017, 4:15:30 UTC

Well it appears that Venus is too close to the sun and Mars is too far away. All other things being equal, like having a large moon and enough water I too wonder how much closer or further away from the sun the earth could be and still support life as we know it.
Bob DeWoody

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Message 1906410 - Posted: 11 Dec 2017, 12:13:59 UTC

The Goldilocks Zone refers to the habitable zone around a star where the temperature is just right - not too hot and not too cold - for liquid water to exist on an planet. Liquid water is essential for life as we know it. Where we find liquid water on Earth we also find life.

"The only life we know about is our carbon-based life, and water plays a crucial part in our own existence, and so it's only natural that we direct our attention to planets in locations capable of having liquid water," Professor John Webb of the University of New South Wales said.

Other lifeforms may not be carbon based nor require water to exist, but we wouildn't know what to search for. We can only search for others like us which why the odds of finding any are so huge.
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