How do I get my other BOINC stats?

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Tom Mazanec

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Message 1906829 - Posted: 13 Dec 2017, 20:09:08 UTC

I have joined several other projects (Asteroids@Home, Milkyway@Home and PrimeGrid) and rejoined one I was in years ago (Rosetta@Home). No offense, but I wanted to contribute some of my efforts to things that might bear fruit sooner than First Contact.
How do I get my stats on these, especially Rosetta@Home?
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Message 1906852 - Posted: 13 Dec 2017, 21:36:25 UTC - in response to Message 1906829.  

When you log in use one of the cross project statistic sites (towards the bottom of your account page)

choose your prefered one and bookmark it.
Your projects are associated by your Cross-project ID.
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Message 1906868 - Posted: 13 Dec 2017, 22:17:35 UTC

Make sure you use the same email address for each project and the cross project stats will automatically appear for you.
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Message boards : Number crunching : How do I get my other BOINC stats?

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