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Food safety alert for US consumers.

Food safety alert for US consumers.

Message boards : Cafe SETI : Food safety alert for US consumers.
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Message 51825 - Posted: 4 Aug 2014, 20:16:47 UTC

Just announced, "Due to rising costs of processing chicken in America by American workers; processed chicken in America will now be sent to China for processing, and then sent back to the US to be sold."

China's food handling methods are poor at best; with things like lead showing up in food. Also, locally in China, rat meat has been sold as lamb.

Do we really want China processing our chicken and then have increased salmonella outbreaks??? I think NOT!!!

Further, chicken processed in China and sold here in the US will NOT be identified as being processed in China. Therefore, I believe a boycott of processed, frozen chicken is in order. I for one do NOT want my chicken processed in China!
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Message boards : Cafe SETI : Food safety alert for US consumers.

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