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Arecibo still threatened with closure.

Arecibo still threatened with closure.

Message boards : News : Arecibo still threatened with closure.
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Message 58533 - Posted: 8 Jun 2016, 23:06:31 UTC
Last modified: 8 Jun 2016, 23:12:25 UTC

Recently the NSF announced its intent to start the process which could lead to the partial shutdown, mothballing, or complete disassebly of the Arecibo Observatory. As most of you know, this is not a new discussion in the scientific community. Several years ago we had asked you write letters to Congress in hopes of averting this fate.

A petition has been started on to ask the President to ensure it is funded. I'm pessimistic about the chances that it will change anything, as the President cannot change Congressional budget priorities, and only has limited ability to move money between NSF programs. However, bringing attention to the issues of science funding in this country cannot hurt.
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Message 58544 - Posted: 9 Jun 2016, 12:17:16 UTC

Well I've signed it. I'm not American and nor do I live in the USA but there was nothing in the terms saying an outsider can't sign it :) Fingers crossed the penny pinches keep it funded.
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Message 58557 - Posted: 10 Jun 2016, 14:01:07 UTC - in response to Message 58533.  

I have signe too three times with all three my emails two google's and one yahoo.And also I have tweet it many times on my twitter social network account.Asking entire world to help me save Arecibo from Shuting Down.Including White House and others.Most Seriousely
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Message boards : News : Arecibo still threatened with closure.

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