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AstroPulse v7 v7.00

AstroPulse v7 v7.00

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Message 63197 - Posted: 30 Aug 2019, 6:58:25 UTC

Why do you keep sending these tasks to hosts with SSE/2 ?
They take around 10 times longer - hardly efficient for the project.
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Message 63200 - Posted: 30 Aug 2019, 9:05:13 UTC

The server will send you all types of applications until it knows which one is fastest on your host.
This takes at least 10 validated non overflow tasks of each app.
With each crime and every kindness we birth our future.
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Rob Smith
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Message 63203 - Posted: 30 Aug 2019, 12:28:35 UTC

Also BETA is about testing applications not gaining credit.
Unlike the main SETI project there are times when the same data is sent out multiple times to a variety of hosts & application types to confirm that everything is "working as it should".
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