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Message 63231 - Posted: 2 Sep 2019, 9:49:51 UTC
Last modified: 2 Sep 2019, 10:04:00 UTC

Just look at this AP WU, and the terrible results from AMD/ATI cards.

All of these partipants have a totally crazy amount of invalids, and as usual at times (too often)
these AMD/ATI cards cross validate their erroneous results, and a valid result is judged invalid.

Let's see if my WU gets invalidated due to these AMD/ATI cards validating each other in the end.

It's OK here on Beta, but it also happens too frequently on Main. Polluting the science badly with
erroneous results.

These AMD/ATI cards really need to be blocked from participating, until they (drivers?) are fixed.
EDIT: Well, in this particular case, all of us (3 AMD/ATI cards and my Nvidia GTX980) got the WU validated.
It took my GTX980 though, before that happened. First the 3 AMD/ATI cards could not agree...

Crazy stuff, and if you look at the results from these cards (their invalid rate, and their Cross validations),
it's perfectly clear that they should not be allowed to participate in SETI Main at least.
Preferably not on Beta either really.
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Message boards : AstroPulse : The AMD/ATI disaster still continues

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