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Can anabolics burn fat?

Can anabolics burn fat?

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Message 63584 - Posted: 8 Feb 2022, 11:49:42 UTC
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All information is based on personal experience, as well as on the opinions of famous athletes. Naturally, we will talk only about the original anabolics. Those drugs that are made clandestinely are best avoided. Today on the market you can find quite a lot of counterfeit drugs, and in order to avoid fraud, you should buy steroids only in specialized stores. Learn more about best steroid for weight loss at the our website.

Of course, a counterfeit drug can work well, but this happens extremely rarely, and basically cheap substances are sold under the guise of expensive ones. For example, methenolone enanthate or boldenone can be replaced with diluted testosterone.

It is possible to replace methane or turinabol with cheap methyltestosterone. And if you get such a fake, then it will be even better. Most often, these products contain various impurities of foreign substances, which can lead to serious health problems.

Recently, injectable stanozol has become a rather painful drug, although there are no problems with its effectiveness. When using it, maximum care should be taken so as not to cause an abscess.

The same can be said about primobolan (methenolone enanthate). If stanozol is not the main steroid, and can be replaced, then primobolan is the safest drug of all containing testosterone. It is very often used in combination with testosterone esters in the first cycle. Almost all manufacturers dissolve Primobolan in hard oil, which causes pain during injection.
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Message boards : Little league of Legends Review Pure message board : Can anabolics burn fat?

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