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Message 14720 - Posted: 14 Feb 2007, 2:58:24 UTC

Evening Everyone

Because Pappa created it will not be read, this is sad! Information and efforts by the Seti, BOINC Staff and Users have ended up in improvements...

Why No Science, one of the improvements with MultiBeam has a new member of Seti posting about what other uses the Seti Data is being used for. You can look at his Seti Blog about SETHI... It has a movie that has been constructed...

As pieces and parts are being gathered to fix/replace ailing servers I would hope that people watch the Donations or Donate Hardware II threads... This is very time consuming on the waiting and the people that have to watch, reset various servers/services that could be spending time with family and friends...

Otherwise I would be rude... I am only her for the Seti Survival



Thanks to Paul and Friends
Please consider a Donation to the Seti Project
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