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Down for a while...
We're configuring a new upload server that will have more capacity than the current one. (Solid state drives, for example). We're going to test it on beta first, of course, so we'll be down while the transition happens. I expect a day or two.
21 Aug 2019, 21:29:12 UTC · Discuss

We will be out of work for a while.
We're testing BOINC updates, which have broken the splitters.
20 Dec 2017, 1:30:42 UTC · Discuss

ARM64 (aarch64) Android client in beta testing
This is a bare bones client without NEON optimized routines for SETI@home, but does have NEON FFTW routines. It'll be a while before I can modify the ARMv6 NEON routines to work when compiled under aarch64.
4 Nov 2016, 22:31:37 UTC · Discuss

Distributing 4-bit workunits
This has been in the works for a while. I'll be distributing some workunits with 4-bit complex samples. They'll be twice the size of the current 2-bit workunits, but will give us 46% reduction in noise power.

It's possible that some of the app versions date from before the 4-bit quantization code existed in the client (but I don't think so). If things are going to break it should be obvious pretty quickly.

The change should occur this afternoon.
13 Jun 2016, 20:45:57 UTC · Discuss

Arecibo still threatened with closure.
Recently the NSF announced its intent to start the process which could lead to the partial shutdown, mothballing, or complete disassebly of the Arecibo Observatory. As most of you know, this is not a new discussion in the scientific community. Several years ago we had asked you write letters to Congress in hopes of averting this fate.

A petition has been started on to ask the President to ensure it is funded. I'm pessimistic about the chances that it will change anything, as the President cannot change Congressional budget priorities, and only has limited ability to move money between NSF programs. However, bringing attention to the issues of science funding in this country cannot hurt.
8 Jun 2016, 23:06:31 UTC · Discuss

New Android apps for SETI@home v8
There was a problem with the first set of android apps due to a problem with how the FFTW library measures time. Any work you got for an android SETI@home v8 before today can be aborted.

I've fixed the bugs and released version 8.01 which should run much better.
6 Jan 2016, 2:21:36 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v8 beta to begin on Tuesday
Finally we have a working GBT splitter. SETI@home v8 will process Arecibo and GBT data.

The code changes are pretty small, but the results are not compatible with SETI@home v7, so only process v8 data will v8 clients.

First release will be linux x86_64 only to begin with. We're hoping to have windows and macos graphical releases in another week or so.
27 Nov 2015, 19:43:27 UTC · Discuss

Astropulse 7,00 released for Linux 32&64, Win 32&64, Win32+AMD/NVIDIA/Intel GPU
Please point out problems on this thread with work distribution or compatibility.
3 Jul 2014, 18:25:09 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home 7.28 for ARM-Android released...
There are two versions. A version that supports NEON, and a "safe" version the just uses VFP instructions. Devices that support NEON could get either, although there should be a 3:1 preference for the neon version.

Please run whichever version you get, as cancelling results will skew the completion statistics.
23 Mar 2014, 21:16:34 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home 7.25 for ARM Android released
This will likely run slower that earlier versions due to addition debugging code (that would be removed in an eventual release). Please continue to run it even though it is slow.
6 Feb 2014, 22:34:22 UTC · Discuss

Wisdom.sah now persistent.
I'm modified the result template to (I hope) make the FFTW wisdom file a persistent file. This may cause unexpected problems with uploads, downloads or app starts. Let me know if does.

3 Dec 2013, 2:22:19 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7.01 released for x86-android

I don't know if a BOINC version capable of running it exists yet.

It's identical to the v7.01 i686-linux version.
19 Nov 2013, 23:14:32 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 7.23 released for ARM Android
Two versions have been released thus far. armv6-vfp and armv7-vfpv4

If these work OK, I may add more combinations (although I don't anticipate they will be significantly better than these). I'll also start working on the MIPS and x86 android versions.

Anyone with an x86 android device out there want to let me know if the stock x86 linux version of SETI@home works?
14 Nov 2013, 23:24:29 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home 7.10 released for ARM/android

This version should have slightly lower memory usage. Several versions have been released with different compile options to see if I can figure out what works best. If you get versions that fail, please continue to request work. Eventually the failing versions stop being sent to you.
11 Sep 2013, 2:57:43 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 7.06 released for ARMv7 Android
That includes most everything from DROID 1 to the present. The server shouldn't send this version to android devices without an VFP or NEON FPU. I may build a "no-FPU" version at a later date to see how slow it is.

Let me know how it goes.

7.05 had problems on low memory DROIDs, so I've released 7.06 which should have a smaller RAM footprint, at the expense of a larger executable.
30 Jul 2013, 23:14:51 UTC · Discuss

Astropulse 6.07 for MacOS/X64 with NVIDIA and ATI/AMD GPUs released
BOINC v7+ required. Report problems in this thread.

Early problems with downloading the NVIDIA version (permission denied) have been solved.
25 Jun 2013, 20:56:22 UTC · Discuss

Astropulse 6.05 for OpenCL on Intel GPUs released.
This was primarily done to allow the developers to get work on the opencl_intel_100 plan class.
13 Jun 2013, 21:24:53 UTC · Discuss

Astropulse 6.07 for Linux OpenCL AMD & NVIDIA released.
Please report problems in this thread.

I'm assuming the previous settings for hardware and memory limits still apply.
1 Jun 2013, 0:55:00 UTC · Discuss

S@H version 7.03 released for ATI/AMD GPUs under windows.
Thus far, they are BOINC 7, only. I'm deciding whether it's safe to continue releasing BOINC 6 revisions of ATI apps. X64 Linux versions should be out shortly.

There are now two versions. One for HD5000+ cards only and that works on all cards including pre-HD5000 cards. These versions should get delivered to Catalyst version 12.10 and earlier, and Catalyst 13.2 and later. If you've got one of those driver revisions and aren't getting work, let me know.
6 May 2013, 21:34:21 UTC · Discuss

Tests of new scheduler features.
I've added some new scheduler features to hopefully ensure that you (eventually) get the fastest application version for your processor/GPU. But in order to make sure I did it right, I'm going to need to reset the app_version and per host app version statistics.

It'll take a week or so for things to get back to normal. You'll initially see some non-optimal application choices (like CUDA3.2 on your CUDA5 card or CAL on your ATI card /w OpenCL.) This is deliberate. Please let them run. It's the only way I can see that the slow versions stop being sent. Once I'm sure things work, I'll set them back the way they were.
1 May 2013, 18:18:48 UTC · Discuss

S@H version 7.02 released for ATI/AMD GPUs under windows.
Hopefully this will fix the problems most people are having. I'll be looking for min and max driver revisions under which this version functions.

8 Apr 2013, 16:37:26 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 7.00 released for x86_64 linux ATI/AMD OpenCL
I fully expect this not to work, because it's my first attempt at releasing an GPU app for linux.
18 Mar 2013, 22:03:10 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home_v7 ver 7.00 released for Windows and Linux
Report problems by commenting to this post.
14 Mar 2013, 22:06:55 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home_v7 ver 7.00 released for CUDA2.2-5.0 and ATI/AMD OpenCL
SETI@home 7.00 for graphics cards has been released. Most of the changes are small apart from there now being a version for CUDA 5.0.

Right now the version for ATI/AMD cards is only for BOINC 7. BOINC 6 support may follow, if it can be done at all. AMD is also forcing us to give up on Windows XP by dropping OpenCL support in Windows XP. The Windows version detection isn't working, so those of you with XP and new enough cards may get work that fails.

CPU versions should be out in the next day or so.

I expect to see all the usual work assignment problems (too much/too little/bad deadlines) that come with new version releases.
12 Mar 2013, 22:48:10 UTC · Discuss

Tests of SETI@home with large workunits.
I'm running some small tests of SETI@home with large workunits (4M samples rather than 1M samples). The initial tests are mostly to get timings, and will be done with artificial work units.

In order to speed validation by restricting variations I'm running a windows client only. Please no anonymous platform apps with sah_v7_big. If you don't know what that means, don't worry about it. There will be time for testing other platforms and GPUs later.
14 Dec 2012, 0:11:22 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home 6.99 (aka x41zb) for Windows NVIDIA released
Expect the usual new verion problems with too much or too little work fetch and bad time estimates.

Please report problems here.
27 Nov 2012, 19:23:05 UTC · Discuss

FLOP estimates for SETI@home workunits changed.
I've finally changed to work estimates to include autocorrelation. For the short term, the change means that the server and your client will overestimate run times until it has averaged the new estimates into your run time stats.

No action on your part is necessary, but let me know if you get totally outrageous run time estimates.
29 Oct 2012, 21:58:46 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 6.98 for ATI OpenCL released.
We're just guessing at the requirements for this version, so point me at any hosts that are repeatedly failing with this app version.
16 Oct 2012, 23:20:50 UTC · Discuss

Sorry for broken downloads...
We changed over to an new web server and didn't quite get the name of the beta download directory right in the configuration files.
3 Oct 2012, 0:55:50 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 6.98 for NVIDIA CUDA 2.3, 3.2, and 4.2 released.
I've canceled all the old results and built about 10,000 in an initial testing pool. A CUDA 2.2 version should be released shortly. Your computer may get more than one version until it decided which version is fastest on your computer.
27 Sep 2012, 23:06:41 UTC · Discuss

Granting credit for Uncredited Astropulse
I need to do some disk and database cleanup, so I'm granting credit for Astropulse results that were granted too little (or no) credit.
26 Sep 2012, 20:03:30 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 6.98 linux (i686,x86_64) and windows-x86 released
Few changes to science. This is mainly in preparation for v7 GPU testing. 6.98 (non-GPU) for MacOS should be appearing shortly.
20 Sep 2012, 17:36:15 UTC · Discuss

Experiment for server operations check...

We're going to be doing an experiment to see if we understand what caused the bad work estimates and to bad credits. Unfortunately the test will replicate the conditions that caused the problems.

You know, of course that I'll get around to fixing your credit when we're done.
21 Aug 2012, 2:08:10 UTC · Discuss

Bug in server affecting older BOINC clients with NVIDIA GPUs.
We've identified a bug in the current BOINC server that is online at SETI@home. With older BOINC clients this bug results in running multiple SETI@home GPU applications simultaneously on a single GPU.

While we debug and fix the problem we've suspended distribution of NVIDIA work. We hope that everything will be back to normal some time tomorrow.
17 Aug 2012, 5:38:16 UTC · Discuss

You may resume using anonymous platform applications is SETI beta.
For now anyway.
8 Aug 2012, 16:58:51 UTC · Discuss

Stop using anonymous platform in SETI@home beta.
Stop using anonymous plaform apps in beta. I will be deploying a validator tomorrow that will mark anonymous platform results as invalid.
18 Jul 2012, 23:03:32 UTC · Discuss

Please use stock apps in SETI@home Beta.
For the next week or so, please use stock apps, not those obtained elsewhere, in SETI@home beta. If you are running with GPU only, please run both GPU and GPU.

If you have a long cache (a week or more) please cancel those results or reset the project. If you have a short cache (days) you can run them to completion.

Thank you. We're attempting to fix some validator issues. Too many anonymous platform results can make it hard to diagnose the problems.
6 Jul 2012, 16:16:36 UTC · Discuss

If you're wondering what that sucking sound is....
I'm freeing up some database space by running db_purge on results older than about 4 months.
14 May 2012, 17:40:38 UTC · Discuss

Astropulse 6.02 Windows for OpenCL on ATI released.
Or at least I hope it will be released. I fully expect this release attempt to fail, or if it is released I expect it to fail to run for many of you.

Let me know how it goes.
17 Apr 2012, 22:57:54 UTC · Discuss

Astropulse 6.02 forthcoming
I'll be slowly releasing Astropulse 6.02 for various platforms. There aren't any code changed, just attempts to fix compatibility and optimization problems using compile time flags. The excruciatingly slow x86_64 version that requires a 3.0+ Linux kernel will be the first to be replaced.

If 6.02 is released for your platform, there is no need to abort 6.01 work.
28 Mar 2012, 15:59:16 UTC · Discuss

Project preferences now include Astropulse v6
If you've changed your preferences to limit yourself to specific apps, you may need to update them in order to get work for Astropulse v6. You can update them here.
27 Mar 2012, 23:29:26 UTC · Discuss

Astropulse 6.01 released for MacOS X i686 and powerpc
Yes, that right. Finally Astropulse for MacOS X. Let me know if it works. I don't exactly have a huge array of machine to test it on. That's where you come in.
27 Mar 2012, 0:26:25 UTC · Discuss

Astropulse 6.01 released for linux i686 and x86_64
This is mainly to finally get the outlier detection working for the BOINC credit determination scheme. Windows version will either be out in the next 24 hours or a week from now.
28 Feb 2012, 1:49:59 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 6.97 released for windows_intelx86 and linux
Let me know it there are any problems.

Mac-heads need to call Apple and tell them to update their supported compiler to a GCC that supports AVX.
8 Sep 2011, 0:32:42 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 version 6.96 released
It's been released for everything but the Mac platforms. Should fix the AVX bugs and some validation issues.

Work is being created now as well.
4 Aug 2011, 3:43:48 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 6.95 release for windows_intelx86
There are no real changes except the version number, the FFTW dll is included, and the executables are stripped and compressed the way they would be in the main project. No need to abort results or reset the project unless you are having problems with 6.94.

14 Jun 2011, 23:18:18 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 6.94 release for windows_intelx86 and i686-linux
These new versions have support for the Intel AVX 256bit SSE extensions. They generate compatible results, so there's no need to reset the project or abort workunits. Unless you have a sandybridge processor and want to see if AVX works. I have no way to test that code here.
10 Jun 2011, 5:59:10 UTC · Discuss

setiathome v7 6.93 for i686 linux released.
No change except an earlier pthreads library so it will work under earlier kernels.

28 Apr 2011, 0:22:28 UTC · Discuss

Credit granting problem.
Changes to the credit mechanism have broken the script that grants credit to cancelled results. I'm working on a fix.
12 Apr 2011, 23:40:03 UTC · Discuss

setiathome_v7 now available for Macintosh (powerpc and x86)
I've released setiathome_v7 for Macintosh. It's possible this version will no longer run on powerpc OS X 10.3.9. OS X 10.4 may be required.
11 Apr 2011, 19:35:18 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 project preference has been created.
The preference for receiving work for SETI@home v7 has been created. Unfortunately it defaults to "no". Please change your preferences to allow work for SETI@home v7.

7 Apr 2011, 16:04:28 UTC · Discuss

Unable to get work for SETI@home v7?
If you're unable to get work for SETI@home v7, go to your Project Preferences and make sure "If no work for selected applications is available, accept work from other applications?" is set to "Yes".

7 Apr 2011, 1:34:12 UTC · Discuss

SETI@hove v7 6.91 Released for i686-linux, x86_64-linux, and Win32
Hopefully this version will work out better than 6.90. If there don't appear to be too many problems, I'll send the code off the the Mac porter in the morning.
6 Apr 2011, 22:56:54 UTC · Discuss

New setiathome_v7 app tomorrow. Probably.
I think I finally have the bugs worked out. I've got two runs on a windows machine in progress, and if they finish correctly I'll build the Linux apps and release all three.

Once I'm certain that they are working, I'll send the code to our Mac porter for Mac versions.

The people that build optimized apps shouldn't be far behind.
5 Apr 2011, 22:17:01 UTC · Discuss

Validation errors.
You may have noticed the V7 application is giving validation errors. Apparently there are some optimization issues, some restart issues, and possibly some cross platform problems. As is usually the case, the kind people at are feeding me ideas and answers faster than I can find them on my own.

Keep crunching your current workunits with the current clients for the time being. I'll manually grant credit on a daily basis. We'll try to get new applications out as soon as we can.
21 Mar 2011, 21:56:55 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home v7 work distribution started.
No Mac or GPU versions yet. There shouldn't be huge run time differences between this version and enhanced.
17 Mar 2011, 0:18:18 UTC · Discuss

Stopped SETI@home work generation.
We'll be testing SETI@home version 7 soon, and I'd like to minimize the confusion of having two different versions of SETI@home running simultaneously.

17 Feb 2011, 0:47:56 UTC · Discuss

Database server crashed.
It's back up now and the tables claim to be repairs. We won't be distributing work until tomorrow.
17 May 2010, 2:01:55 UTC · Discuss

We're down.
We'll be down until David can deploy new validators.
2 Apr 2010, 2:16:32 UTC · Discuss

New credit calculation code.
David has put new credit calculation code into the beta. It might not work properly. This is a beta project after all.
31 Mar 2010, 23:35:29 UTC · Discuss

We're back up
We're mostly back up. We're playing around with new splitters and a new database. Expect the status page to be wrong for the time being.

25 Mar 2010, 1:45:08 UTC · Discuss

Server down.
We're having some problems installing new server software. Server is down until we get it figured out.

19 Mar 2010, 5:56:26 UTC · Discuss

Astropulse work generation is off because the Astropulse beta science database is out of space
19 Sep 2009, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

SETI@HOME CUDA 6.07 has been released.
12 Jan 2009, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We've released a new SETI@home app that runs on NVIDIA GPUs. Please run it if possible; you'll need to install a new driver. Instructions are here. If you encounter problems, please post on the SETI@home Enhanced message board.
10 Dec 2008, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We've switched workunit generation to single redundancy mode for testing purposes.
22 Oct 2008, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We've shut off work creation for setiathome in order to allow more astropulse workunits to run. We may be out of work at times while we digest the results.
8 Apr 2008, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

There are compute errors showing up on windows Astropulse applications, because of a format change in the work unit. We though depectating all of the window apps would prevent this, but apparently that's not the case.
18 Oct 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We're down for some disk reorganization and to make change to the database needed to support a new Astropulse app.
3 Oct 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Uploads are broken and we don't know why. We've been working on it all day...
23 Jul 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Astropulse 4.16 is released for Windows and Linux. All older astropulse work units have been cancelled.
6 Jun 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home enhanced 5.20 beta is released for Windows. Hopefully this will solve many problems and run a bit faster than 5.17
6 Jun 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

I've extended deadlines for astropulse work units. Believe the dates on the web site. The ones in your BOINC app may be wrong.
1 Jun 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We're back online and we have a working Astropulse validator. Credit is being granted even
30 May 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Beta is offline until we can get a new build of the BOINC server code working.
22 May 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

With all the server changes at SETI@home, it took a while to get beta back up and running. Work should be flowing again.
17 May 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

If you check my latest post in the SETI@home staff blog, you'll see that I've figured out the cause of the large number of triplets in work units. I don't want to make more workunit until I've built a splitter with the fix. We'll probably run out of work before that happens. Sorry.
16 Feb 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

I'm updating the server code in hopes of solving some of the problems we are having. Server will be down until I'm done
8 Feb 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Getting the multibeam splitter online only took 2 more days than I thought it would. But we're back! The new multbeam data is flowing.
14 Dec 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Some bad work units went out today. Feel free to reset the project or cancel any workunits that slow down your machine or use up all of your memory
13 Dec 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

In case you've noticed that you aren't getting work, the splitters are off until December 12 in order to let the work and assimilation queues drain before we make the database changes necessary to support the multibeam splitter.
10 Dec 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We are trying to identify the cause of the 'software problem' that the server is reporting. Might not get back up until tomorrow afternoon. Sorry....
31 Oct 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We are having server problems that result in an error when results are uploaded. We're trying to identify the cause now.
14 Oct 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We're back up and running.
5 Oct 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Even though the main project is back up, we're still having problems with the beta database. I hope to have them resolved tonight or tomorrow.
5 Oct 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

The servers are temporarily down while the beta database is being transferred to a new server.
3 Oct 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Enhanced 5.17 is released for Solaris, Windows, and MacOS. Hopefully will have linux build tomorrow.
3 Aug 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We've been out of work in the beta project due to a problem relating to the SETI@home outage. This problem has been fixed. New work should be flowing soon.
31 May 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Enhanced 5.13 is released for MacOS X which should solve the problems when running on MacOS 10.3.8 or earlier. Enhanced 5.14 for Windows should update CPU time even if the timer thread fails to start.
11 May 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Now that enhanced has been released we can get back to work on Astropulse. I hope to have new Astropulse applications and workunits out in the next few weeks. In the meantime we will continue to distribute enhanced work.
8 May 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

A problem last night caused results to be marked with a validate error and no new work to be created. The problem has been fixed and the results have been reset for validation.
26 Apr 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Enhanced 5.12 is release. The progress bar has been rebalanced, and Windows clients should report proper debugging info for crashes. The credit per FLOP has been decreased to match the main project. No need to reset the project or abort current computations.
24 Apr 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

If you are getting checksum errors on banner509.jpg, it's likely they are caused by your spam blocking software. I was stupid in choosing to put "banner" in the name of this file. I'll choose a better name in future revisions.
3 Apr 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home enhanced 5.09 is released for many platforms
31 Mar 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home enhanced 5.08 for Windows is released. It should solve the graphics problem and (maybe) the speed problems.
29 Mar 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

The fix is taking longer than expected. I hope to have something ready by the end of today's database outage.
29 Mar 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Had to bring the project down due to some server side bugs. Should be back up tomorrow.
27 Mar 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Happy (northern hemisphere) spring! Happy (southern hemisphere) fall! Enhanced 5.07 has been released for Linux and Windows. No need to reset projects or abort work units.
21 Mar 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

If you are having difficulties returning results or getting work, it may be due to using the wrong URL to access the project. The correct URL for the SETI@home beta is
16 Mar 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We've finally released version 5.06 for everything but Solaris/SPARC. It should be compatible with 5.05, so you don't need to abort results or reset your project. It'll probably be several hours before the workunit queue gets to the point where 5.06 will be sent.
4 Mar 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We've released SETI@home Enhanced version 5.05. The results will probably differ from 5.02, so I've cancelled outstanding workunits and am updating credits. It'll probably take a few days for credits to catch up.
31 Jan 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We've finally tracked down the problems with SETI@home Enhanced 5.0's relationship with the server. SETI@home 5.02 should now work.
9 Jan 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Happy New Year! SETI@home Enhanced 5.0 is released (and will go to public if no problems show up). Still no graphics on Linux due to dynamic symbols not being properly exported. If any Linux hackers want to take a whack at it, please do.
4 Jan 2006, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

I've added the platforms x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu and sparc-sun-solaris to our database. The sparc-sun-solaris platform will eventually supplant sparc-sun-solaris2.7. The x86_64 platform currently serves the same binary as i686-pc-linux-gnu
14 Dec 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Finally I have gotten around to building a SETI@home enhanced client for MacOS X. Please let me know if there are any problems.
5 Dec 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

A problem with the splitter led to a low CPU bound on workunits created last week. I'm cancelling them and restarting the splitters.
5 Dec 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home enhanced version 4.11 has been released. I hope this will fix the problems with pre-Pentium II processors. I also hope this will be the last beta of setiathome_enhanced. On to Astropulse!
2 Dec 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

SETI@home enhanced version 4.07 has been released. I'll be generating
fresh workunits to go with it. This will entail cancelling existing
workunits and crediting those that didn't validate.
30 Sep 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

I finally figured out how to give credit for workunits that got an error. The credit has been added to you account, and shows in the view of the individual results, but doesn't show in the result lists (because list generator checks the error state before displaying the granted credit)
18 Aug 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

In case you were wondering, yes, you will be getting credit for all those results you sent that got an error or failed to validate. Now if I could just figure out how to do it, I'd be set....
26 Jul 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Some bad workunits were created yesterday. If you got one, setiathome_enhanced will attempt to use 1GB or so memory and the run time will stretch into the centuries. I've invalidated the work units and restarted the splitters. If you got one of these workunits, you'll know it. Just abort it, or reset the project.
19 Jul 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Turns out I blamed FFTW when I should have blamed myself. At some point SSE had been turned on in the Visual Studio project. Version 4.04 should now work on non-SSE machines
13 Jul 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We're back up after the power outage. Version 4.03 of SETI@home Enhanced is available for Windows. Yesterday, I mistakenly said that Tetsuji Rai's optimized client used SSE. It doesn't, so you should be able to use it on non-SSE machines
12 Jul 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We're having problems reported running the Windows client on older
machines (those without SSE capability). I was under the apparently
mistaken impression that FFTW checks at run-time to see whether SSE is
avaliable. I will be compiling a 4.03
version today that will not include SSE in the FFTW Library. Until I
find a way to include both SSE and non-SSE together, we'll need to use
the non-SSE version.
11 Jul 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Outage Notice. The long awaited new main power breaker for
Space Sciences Lab has arrived and a long power outage
is needed to install and test it. SETI@home will
be offline for 17 hours or so beginning this coming Monday,
July 11 at 22:00 UTC.
8 Jul 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We're seeing a conflict with the way that the beta (which is using a newer BOINC version than setiathome) is interacting with the public project. We've turned off the beta until we can get the SETI@home boinc software updated.
27 Jun 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

We've found a bug in the way that the enhanced client chooses when to search for Gaussians and Pulses. We'll be distributing a modified application (version 4.01 early this week. Also in the new version, Windows will use the FFTW library for computing FFTs.
26 Jun 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

The project is down temporarily to rebuild some server components.
23 Jun 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Results were being sent to the setiathome upload handler. We've fixed the problem and are regenerating work units. You may want to reset your projects.
15 Jun 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

Validator is failing all workunits. Message boards not yet up. Only solaris and windows applications are currently being distributed
15 Jun 2005, 0:00:00 UTC · Discuss

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