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RankName Average Total Average Total 1,121.09239,2863,190.691,648,071
2Butler University 272.064,6992,048.3357,337
3U.S.Air Force 280.2616,0831,437.94634,348
4The I Need a New Computer Club 141.185,2131,372.2238,970
5kilobox 944.2256,1841,371.94223,454
6Nukkit Team 54.351,5521,354.47200,064
7Carl Sagan 323.6943,7381,228.97775,819
8Boinc@Seattle 0.0001,149.6734,547
9Altairo Vejai, Lithuania! 293.53152,5311,000.69807,932
10tattoomonkeysmurfs 153.391,732965.2136,944
11Made by Ghost 0.000931.9931,095
12SwissTeam.NET 446.3312,612917.55331,387
13Moon and Star 0.000907.3646,398
14Dragon Cave 428.6541,536849.43510,631
15FTW 496.10222,102806.2920,334
16Radio F.R.E.I. 112.6347,391717.22194,304
17Intel Corporation 484.09179,605706.94458,049
18The University of Queensland (UQ) 0.000642.5455,140
19Gentoo Linux Users Everywhere 377.468,179640.6870,146 41.0217,397637.26154,222
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