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John Greer ("Owner: Business Continuity Consulting and Software Development firm Wayne, NJ USA I...")
JKeck {pirate} ("I watch people play games for a living, casino supervisor. BOINC and play EverQuest in my...")
Julian Ellis ("Hi there fellow boincers I was born in 1969 and I come from Liverpool, England. I started...")
jacklass ("I'm a long-time distributed processor residing in Bethesda Maryland. I live here with my...")
JaRski-S60R ("Aloha, I'm Jarmo, live in Belgium but I'm Dutch :-) Born as a "Cancer" in 1975. Hobbies...")
Jim Baize ("hmmm... My background... I live a boring life. I go to work, come home, pay bills, and...")
JackTheSkipper ("I'm 21, student coming from Lorient in France. I want to become an astronomer, in the...")
Joseph Mornhineway ("45 years on this planet and I still haven’t found a way to get back home.")
Jesse Charles Wagner II
jenesuispasbavard ("I was born in Mumbai and lived there till August 2005. Now I'm at the University of Texas...")

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