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Matt Lebofsky ("Hello good people. I guess I should update this profile now that I was randomly selected to...")
mlcudd ("I am 48 years old and live in Virginia. I enjoy finding opportunities to use my computers....")
Mac-Nic ("In progres")
MJKelleher ("Bean counter, byte pusher, web weaver, I've been known to sing choruses in public, though...")
Mike ("50 years old and a father of three sons. Married over 30 years now. My interests, building...")
MasterZocker ("Hi, i am Wolfgang from Munich, Germany. I work at the CONRAD-HOTEL de Ville MÜNCHEN and we...")
Miko ("My Nickname is Miko, i\\'m \\"some\\" more than 30 years young. I like the nature...")
MRAO ("Wrote my first program in 1964. Been 38 years now full time in IT. Looking forward to...")

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