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RDC ("I'm from Pittsburgh, PA and have been crunching SETI since 1999.")
RPMurphy ("Retired Army, like to build, stress, tweak and ultimately break my computers then try and...")
Raven ("Casino pit boss, computer enthusiast and Science Fiction fan in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.")
rbimbo [Andalucia]
Rafa Hens El Califa [Cordoba] ("")
Ric Rocket ("Spooky Government Agent who hopes to become the SETI Beta person of the day. Fingers...")
Raistmer ("SETI@home big fan and volunteer developer.")
Rebirther (";)")
Ray Murray ("I started BOINCing in 2001 after graduating from SETI classic, when I found that I...")
Rene Rieger ("Heiße Rene, bin aus Knittelfeld(Österreich), möchte in eineigen Jahren Astrophysik...")

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