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I am Paul Sullivan, 60, from just north of SETI@home's home base. (UC Berkeley)

I am currently a retired truck driver (class A).

My hobbies are home computing, home computer building, amateur radio, woodworking, short wave listening, and photography. Oh, and I am a Monty Python fan, in case you hadn't noticed!

None of these computers are current [3/2015] (but I'm leaving them as a historic note)

Computer is a home-built AMD Opteron 165 dual core, running (for the moment) at seventh overclock speed, 6 hard drives, (3 SCSI, 2 IDE, 1 USB) 3 optical drives, (1 DVD Multirecorder Lightscribe, 1 CD-RW, 1 CD-ROM) with 1 Gb of PC3200 memory. Motherboard is by Gigabyte (GA-K8nsc-939) Crunch power is on the order of 800 - 850 credits per day.

Unfortunately, this next computer's Hard drive (and OS) took a dive, and I have to get new disks from Dell. (the maker) (work in progress...)
There is another (found) computer (Dell P4 2.6Ghz) in back of MY left hand (on the floor) in the above picture, which I have (finally!) figured out how to network with my primary (the one in view) - it turns out that someone had delibrately deleted the TCP/IP protocol from the computer... and it needed a complete Win install to get it back. Crunch power is about 120 to 140 Credits/day.

There are also two (not pictured) additions - a PIII (750 MHz) Toshiba laptop, which (if it were in this year-old+ picture) would be sitting under the calender. It contributes about 50 credits a day... (if not unhooked from the network and used elsewhere - the battery is wonky, so I don't crunch on battery power.) and a Celeron 2.66Mhz belonging to a truck driving school I'm associated with. (I have permission!)

I'll cobble together the old mb (ASUS A7v), cpu (Sempron 2400+, memory, (1.25 Gb PC2700) and some spare parts (Ya should see the stack of spare, used disk drives I've got...) that are on hand and have a third/fourth computer crunching. (told ya I was an electronics hobbyist!) this will contribute about 90 credits per day (at least, that is what the MB was doing before I replaced it...)

Printers (one inkjet [13"x19" capable], one laser [with duplexor]) are off camera right.

picture taken 1/06 (see the calender behind me...)
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I think, with the "billions and billions" (Carl Sagan) of stars in the Milky Way, not to mention the other galaxies, there have got to be other intellegence(s) out there — and if we are the best the creator can do, then he/she/it is not as omnipotent as some of us claim... :-)
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