Forum changes

        - External avatars (but commented it out -
            it's better to use hosted avatars)
          (Tiny images under people's name)
        - Hosted avatars
          (Uploads and scales to 100x100 in the IMGAGE_PATH dir)
        - Special users
          (Project admins, devs, newcomers etc. will get a line
           telling what they are under their name)
        - Option to display images as links
        - Option to open links in a new window
        - Option to hide avatars
        - Option to enable/disable attach of signature by default
        - Settings for sorting is now handled using the database
            instead of cookies (ie. you can change host without
            having to set your preferences up again,
            some users also have cookies disabled)
        - Preview of signature
        - Unread posts are marked as 'Unread'
          (if they are newer than 2 days (configurable in
           and user hasn't visited the post)
        - Interface to forum preferences and sorting methods
        - Link to interface from user preferences
        - Reset forum preferences button
         (Some users have reported that an unusually long
          signature with html could make the page unviewable. This fixes it)
        - Option to sort with 'Oldest first' in answers in the FAQ area

        - Signature input in user prefs to forum prefs

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