Installation of Ubuntu 18.04 and setting up Boinc to run.... Works great!

Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Installation of Ubuntu 18.04 and setting up Boinc to run.... Works great!
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Message 1967319 - Posted: 27 Nov 2018, 1:19:33 UTC
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Did a second install of Ubuntu on to another computer (both are HP refurbs) (dual boot this time). This procedure works great, here are the steps isolated from the website but the source is listed last line:
Note that you do not need the RDP stuff unless you want to login remotely.......

So, I got the idea to take an old PC with no OS and turn it into a dedicated BOINC machine. To save on costs, I decided to use Ubuntu 18.04 for the OS. I never used it before, so challenge accepted.
Below is the installation process I used. The difficult part was finding all the commands I had to run to install the graphics drivers (i.e. Nvidia).
Hopefully, this post will help anyone else or myself when I set up another BOINC machine.
NOTE: This process documents the bare minimum to get BOINC running on the machine. If there is anything else that would be useful to add to the instructions, please do so.

Install the OS:
1. Download Ubuntu
2. Create a USB bootable flash drive
3. Install Ubuntu from the USB drive.
I use Remote Desktop to log into the new Ubuntu machine, so I need to find the IP address of the new machine and install xrdp. In a terminal window, run the following commands:
1. Type: sudo apt install net-tools
2. Type: sudo apt-get install xrdp (not needed unless you want to log in remotely)
3. Type: ifconfig. Note the IP address of the machine. (same as above)
At this point, I use RDP to log in and continue the process.
Install BOINC
1. In a terminal window, type: sudo apt install boinc-client boinc-manager
If you have a graphics card and want to run GPU work units, you need to install the drivers.
For Nvidia,
1. Type: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall. This will install the video drivers and any other drivers your machine may need. You can research and install the specific drivers you need but I'm lazy and went with this option.
2. Reboot. BOINC will not recognize the graphics card until you do.
3. Install OpenCL, type: sudo apt install ocl-icd-libopencl1. This was the pain point for me. BOINC recognized the graphics card, but would not download GPU work units. I found an error in the BOINC Event Log that mentioned it was not compatible with OpenCL. After some Google searching, I found this command.
4. Reboot. BOINC will not download GPU work units until you do.
Congratulations! You now have BOINC set up on your new Ubuntu computer. You should be able to run CPU and GPU work units. Go ahead an attach projects or account managers based on your needs.

One computer took a few hours for work units to start downloading, the other started almost as soon as I got done with the last reboot....

Note that on one of the installs I got an error that an administrative file was locked, simply reboot and continue if you get this. I assume that something got hung up.

Original source below, all i did was collect it:[/quote]

Note that GPU (opencl_nvida-SoG) work units run in approx 10 minutes and opposed to about 30 min on windows>
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Installation of Ubuntu 18.04 and setting up Boinc to run.... Works great!

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