Is AMDGPU-PRO "Properly" Packaged for RedHat Distros Now?

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Message 1971145 - Posted: 20 Dec 2018, 4:05:11 UTC

The question is: has the difficulty with AMD proprietary drivers, now AMDGPU-PRO, been solved (for RPM distributions)? What is it like now on RedHat with AMDGPU-PRO?

[ ] flawless, it just works, I don't worry about it at all
[ ] needs work, still has hiccups occasionally
[ ] terrible, breaks often when getting new kernel rpm

For the first 13 years I was part of the SETI@Home project, I ran my ATi/AMD hardware using the official ATi/AMD driver, fglrx or catalyst. It wasn't any extra work when I built my own kernels. But, after I stopped, it was never an easy fit. Then, after Linus et al abandoned the old even-odd release cycle, things got really bad. After that, it became completely untenable; every week I would have to uninstall, update the kernel, and reinstall. Anybody remember that?

I switched to OSS stack and was *really* happy with it, since the SETI@Home OpenCL ATI app worked. I thought life was great. But, apparently that was an anomaly as that was never expected to work; it broke three years ago and hasn't worked, since.

In the past, AMD even claimed the driver-kernel sync was fixed, but I found the situation just as unusable as before. I know that multiple solutions exist and have existed for a very long time in the kernel, but I gave up waiting for AMD to do it. I'm reading the latest install instructions right now and it looks exactly the same as when I tried it 6 years ago. It doesn't say anything about what happens when the kernel is updated and it still doesn't explain how the install works, mechanically, so I can't tell.
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Message 1971159 - Posted: 20 Dec 2018, 5:16:39 UTC

Finally could put the definition to the acronym for ROCm. Radeon Open Compute. So that seems like the driver package to install for distributed computing.
Radeon™ Software for Linux® 18.30 Release Notes

The RX480 is listed as compatible with the ROCm drivers.
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Is AMDGPU-PRO "Properly" Packaged for RedHat Distros Now?

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